SHI HIFU Line Essence X Pack
SHI HIFU Line 精华美容液 3ml x 30

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A lift-up pack that you can apply and sleep on (no need to wash it off). The next morning, your skin will glow! It's perfect for a busy day when you don't have the time and energy to clean after using a mask. You can feel the difference in about 2 minutes. It's completely different from any existing lift-up masks on the market!

日本 SHI HIFU Line Essence Pack 紧致提拉补水睡眠面膜能够有效帮助改善细纹、减缓法令纹。使用方便,使用后无需清洗,在睡眠中获得紧致光滑的皮肤!

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