Hoyu professional media look A Scalp Clean
美源 专业沙龙头皮清洁啫喱

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Hoyu is Japan’s Premier Hair Color Manufacturer. Founded in 1905 as a humble family business by the name of Mizuno Kankudo (水野甘苦堂), Hoyu has not only grown in recent years to hold the largest market share in its home country of Japan, but the company has expanded its operations into over 70 countries worldwide.


Hoyu professional media look A scalp Shampoo, for all hair type, repair hair 

An unhealthy scalp can lead to hair thinning, a decrease in volume/resiliency, and ultimately, hair loss.  Medilook uses an easy 4-step system to get an unhealthy scalp back on track.


Medilook alpha Scalp Care:

- Specially formulated with red wine extract to prevent dryness and redness, which are red flags that can lead to hair loss!  

- Perfect for treating many scalp issues. If you are experiencing thinning hair, dandruff, redness, itchiness, temporary alopecia areata, or just would like to give your scalp a pick me up?! It’s the perfect scalp system that can rejuvenate and relax you away during a head spa!