Hoyu | 美源

 Hoyu Professional is Japan's Premier Hair Color Manufacturer, it offers a full line of hair color products.  


Hoyu's wide product lines customized to your needs:

- Hair Color: Made of the highest quality ingredients to meet the rigorous demands of salon coloring.  
- Color Care & Hair Color: Using the correct color care and hair care product is vital in ensuring the longevity of quality hair color.  At Hoyu Professional, a wide array of options are offered to help maintain the vibrancy and health of colored hair.
- Scalp Care: Specially formulated with red wine extract to prevent dryness and redness, which are red flags that can lead to hair loss!  

HOYU Promaster Color Care Lines are:

UV damage care | Moisture Rich Scalp | Color Safe | pH Balanced | Silicone free


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