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Each packet of The LG H&H Re:tune Red Pomegranate Collagen Exact consists of 71% Spanish pomegranate concentrate and 500mg of fish scale collagen peptide. The product contains no color additives, artificial preservatives, or thickeners. One packet per day, it will help to improve your skin health.


  • Contains Spanish pomegranate concentrate (pomegranate only) 71%. Pomegranate is known to have antioxidant effects and helps to promote anti-aging effects.
  • Contains collagen peptide extracted from fish scale 14,000 mg/28 stick packets, 
  • Contains Red Ginseng Concentrate, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C
  • No fat, no cholesterol
  • Easy-to-use: One packet daily.


The LG H&H Re:tune Red Pomegranate Collagen Exact is a nutrition supplement series manufactured by LG Household &Health Care. LG H&H also owns traditional Korean medicine-based cosmetics brand WHOO, The Face Shop and BEYOND.



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